Graywolf Press– “I Am Going to Lose Everything I Have Ever Loved” 

The Adroit Journal – In Other Lifetimes All I’ve Lost Comes Back to Me

American Short Fiction – The Solidarity of Fat Girls” – Interview, Rec

The Kenyon Review – “For Somebody So Scared” (NEW! Audio)

AGNI – “An Angel on Stilts” (Issue 85) (excerpt)

The Kenyon Review – Black Harness

Witness Magazine – “The Docent” (forthcoming)

Prairie Schooner – “To Do With the Body” (forthcoming)

Glimmer Train – “Even Angels Are Astonished” – Fiction Open first place

Shenandoah – “Lilith in God’s Hands

The Georgia Review – Osmium Schwartz On Her Back” 

Boulevard – The Disappearance of J. Frank Donaldson” – Emerging Writers winner (Review)

Memorious – “The New Bed

The Blueshift Journal – Bionic

The Mississippi Review –Marguerite” (Fiction contest winner)

Joyland – “Tactical Chunders

Crazyhorse – “The Laws that Divide the Day in Two” 

Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival – “These Words I Unlearned”

Amazon Day One – Rikki Freeman, Grade Six” 

Michigan Quarterly Review – We Can Practice Starts  – Lawrence Foundation prize

Chicago Tribune – Printers Row – Trivia Night” 

Slice – “Sampson Grows His Hair

Tin House – “Jonah and the Whale

Cosmonauts Avenue – Courage”  

The Normal School – The Short Eternity”  

Moment Magazine – Karma Short Fiction Contest 2014 – Lead Apron”  

Lilith Magazine – “Recounting” 

Five Chapters – “Snow in Baghdad” (Pushcart Prize nominee)

Alaska Quarterly Review – Farewell, Mr. Stanford”  

DIAGRAM – Prophetess”  (Review)

Cease, Cows – “Epistles

Hobart – What To Do with the Pain in Your Chest  (more)

Esquire  – Accounting (Short short story contest finalist. Featured in The Esquire Four: Four Voices for a New Era of Fiction ebook)

J Journal: New Writing on Justice – “The Woman Next Door (Pushcart nominee)

The Los Angeles Review – “Origin Stories”

The Carolina Quarterly – Lift” 


The New York Times, Modern Love – “He Asked Permission to Touch, but Not to Ghost

The Atlantic – “The Things Everyone Else Does for Love on Game of Thrones

AGNI – “Against ‘Unlikeable’: On the occasion of What Happened” 

Harvard Divinity Bulletin – On incels and childless women

Glimmer Train Bulletin – “The Ability to Desire a Thousand” – On the place for light in fiction

Glimmer Train Bulletin – “Narrative Arc in the Novel” 

The Los Angeles Review of Books – “Love and Loneliness: Adult Authors of Y.A. and Children’s Literature


xoJane – on Ygritte in Game of Thrones

Harvard Divinity Bulletin – on Sacred Storytelling

Holland & Knight Holocaust Remembrance ProjectI Did Not Cry (Grand Prize)


Other Genres

Modern Love podcast – “The Wait”

Baltimore Playwrights Festival – The Patron Saint of Jellybeans (Full length. Public staged reading)

 Yale Playwrights Festival – The Patron Saint of Jellybeans (One-act. Public staged reading)

Connecticut River Review – “Moonshine” (CT Poetry Award, First place)

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